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The Fenway Fridays Now Have Free Stuff

The Fenway Fridays are off and running. Three weeks and as many events. We ate free oysters. Got Trill-fit. And planted things with our green thumbs. 

And we’re only halfway through the series. There is still a lot of Friday fun ahead. The next event is in two weeks.

Don’t panic, though. No Friday will be left un-celebrated. If there’s not an event at 401 Park, we will be doing a giveaway instead. 

You know  how much we love free stuff.


August 9th. August 16th. August 30th. September 6th.

Those are the calendar dates you should be marking right now. On each of these Fridays, we will announce a different way for you to win free stuff.  

No one giveaway will be the same, and (almost) no information will be given out prior to the Friday announcement. After all, they aren’t called ‘The Fenway Thursdays’. 


You should follow The Fenway in every way, shape and form if you want a chance to win. You won’t regret it. We post awesome stuff on other days of the week, too. 

Hints about the up-coming giveaways will be posted to our Facebook or Instagram. Day-of details will be blasted to our e-mail insiders. We might even drop a post or two on our website.

Starting today. With the biggest giveaway of the bunch. 


Our first giveaway starts today and doesn’t end until The Fenway Fridays do.

September 20th, for those of you dreading the date. The end of summer. The end of The Fenway Fridays. And the last day to enter into our Grand Prize Giveaway.

The winner will receive a shopping spree in The Fenway. Worth $1,000. At one of the following spots: 

  1. Wine Press Fenway
  2. CB2
  3. Burton
  4. Sephora
  5. Craft Beer Cellar
  6. West Elm

You have six weeks to sign up for a chance to win. Do it now. Find out if you won later. In the meantime, keep an eye out for our other giveaways. The next will drop on August 16th