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Art Meets Activism: Explore the Be The Change Exhibition in The Fenway

We are so excited to welcome back “Be the Change,” a public art installation designed by Jewish Arts Collaborative (JArts), to The Fenway.

Be the Change is an art and activism initiative, rooted in the Jewish tenet of justice and drawing from the ritualistic Jewish Tzedakah box. This year’s exhibition features seven thought-provoking pieces that touch on various themes, including mental health, academic censorship, reproductive rights, immigrant experiences, and more. For us, this is an incredible opportunity to hold space within our neighborhood to talk about injustice, and to amplify the messages of each artist below.

Meet the Artists

Free to Learn

Ruth Katheryn Henry

Academic Censorship

In Other Eyes

Wen-Hao Tien

Multiculturalism and Spacial Justice

Searching For Home

Chanel Thervil

Historical Impact of Redlining

Wishing Well

Cicely Carew

Mental Health, Stigma, and Healing in BIPOC Communities

The Power of the Vote

Dana Woulfe

Voter Suppresion

Transcending Borders

Julia Cseko

Immigration Reform

I Am My Sister’s Keeper

Caron Tabb

Reproductive Justice

Be the Change is more than a passive art-viewing experience. As you explore, you’ll find a QR code accompanying each piece, providing direct links to nonprofit organizations, activists, and resources related to the highlighted social justice issues. This interactive aspect transforms visitors into “artivists,” empowering them to take action and contribute to positive change.

Now through October, Be The Change is on view in The Fenway, located on Van Ness St., Brookline Ave., and Kilmarnock St. View the map to explore.