The Fenway was founded back in 1873. We’ve been watching it grow for over 150 years into the beating heart of Boston. But we’ve always got an eye on the future.

About The Fenway

The Fenway originally gained fame as home to several famous landmarks in the city, including Fenway Park and The Citgo sign. Today, it is known for much more. Through years of development, it has become the dynamic hive of interest and industry that we know today. It is alive 24-hours a day with world-class events, dining, art, shops and groundbreaking innovation.

“Since its humble origins as reclaimed marshland, Fenway has transformed from a vacant expanse into a bustling, mixed-use district.”

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“401 Park stands tall as a testament to the value of adaptive reuse projects. When one life of a building comes to an end, a new life emerges.”

Boston Preservation Alliance

“Tasty Burger instantly became one of Boston’s favorite neighborhood Burger joints.”

Eat Well Guide

The Present

The Fenway is thriving. No longer the new kids on the block, consider foundations laid and flags in the ground. We’re the beating heart of Boston, all because we’re proud of our neighborhood.

Community always comes first. Our cultural offerings and seasonal events are great ways to get to know the area, meet locals and be part of a buzzing community.

The Code

We live by a certain code here in the Fenway. It keeps us nimble, hungry and ready for whatever the day throws at us.

We tell it like it is, we’re proud of our roots and our community is everything. Read it, live it.

About S&A

Samuels & Associates have been developing the Fenway neighborhood for three decades. We’re now reaping the rewards of that hard work, living in an established ecosystem with the brightest minds of the generation, all rubbing shoulders as they change the world.