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Sizzle and Swish: A Beginner’s Guide to Hot Pot

Come along to Basho, where you can experience the soul-warming tradition of Japanese Hot Pot.

When it comes to culinary experiences that combine freshness, flavor, and interactivity, few dishes can rival the delight of Shabu-Shabu. This Japanese hot pot style, literally meaning “swish-swish,” involves thinly sliced meat swishing around in boiling broth. Perfect for a lively meeting, revelry with friends, or a cozy date night, Basho‘s Hot Pot experience guarantees full stomachs and unforgettable moments for everyone in your crew.

Step 1: Let the broth boil.

While the broths boil, enjoy a cocktail (or mocktail—matcha yuzu lemonade pictured below) and some delicious apps like shishito peppers, sushi, or crispy rice. You’ll know the broth is ready when it starts to bubble.

Step 2: Add veggies for more flavor.

Mushrooms, tomatoes, corn, broccoli, and cabbage… OH MY!

Step 3: Add tofu, meat or seafood.

Basho supplies a helpful ‘How to Shabu’ menu that outlines the specific cooking time for each hot pot. If you’re unsure, the staff will show you and help you along the way.

Step 4: Dip in sauce, garnish & enjoy!

Sesame and ponzu sauce, chili, garlic, radish, and scallion toppings ensure something for every palate.

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