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Flow & Restore

Tuesday June 25 2024 6:00pm

Flow & Restore with Emma Ayotte at The Green 401 Park

Down Under Yoga’s Flow & Restore with Emma Ayotte at The Green 401 Park is like getting the best of both worlds in one yoga session. Picture this: you start off with Emma’s upbeat Vinyasa flow that really gets your blood pumping and your spirits soaring. It’s challenging but in that “heck yeah, I got this” kind of way. Down Under Yoga’s team has this knack for guiding you through each pose with such ease that you almost forget you’re breaking a sweat.

Then, just when you think you couldn’t love yoga more, she switches gears and takes you into this super chill restorative sequence. It’s like sinking into a fluffy cloud after a long day. With the serene vibes of The Green 401 Park, you can’t help but feel all zen and stuff. Emma’s there, making sure you’re comfy as can be, so you can really let go and unwind. It’s the ultimate combo of energizing flow and soul-soothing restoration that leaves you feeling like you just hit the yoga jackpot.

The Green at 401 Park
401 Park Drive
Boston, MA, 02215