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Fenway Flow

Sunday July 28 2024 10:00am

Fenway Flow with Rachel Primé at The Green 401 Park

Fenway Flow with Rachel Primé at The Green 401 Park is a fun way to boost your strength, stability, balance, posture, and confidence. Rachel’s classes mix barre and flow techniques to give you a great workout that leaves you feeling strong and accomplished, not worn out. These sessions aren’t just about getting fit—they’re about connecting with yourself and the community around you, making each workout feel meaningful and fulfilling.

Relevé with Rachel is all about community and lifting each other up. Every workout is designed to make you feel good and push your limits in a positive way. You’ll build physical strength and emotional resilience while having a great time with a supportive group. No matter your fitness level, you’ll find yourself growing and thriving in this encouraging environment, making Fenway Flow at The Green 401 Park a truly awesome experience.

The Green at 401 Park
401 Park Drive
Boston, MA, 02215