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Fit in The Fenway

Getting fit is tough. Sometimes it feels impossible. [Read: all the time]. Especially when there are so many enticing alternatives: napping, watching TV, eating pizza.

Unfortunately, exercise is better for you than any of those. There’s no substitute when it comes to boosting your physical and mental health than getting off the couch and into a workout.

Plus, it can be fun. In the right setting and with the right people. That’s why we are launching Fit in The Fenway – a yoga-themed series designed to make you want to work out.

If not only because it’s 100% free. 

The Gist

Fit in The Fenway is a free, yoga-inspired movement. Pun intended.

Fitness on The Green

Twice a week through September, head to the 401 Park green space for a yoga class led by some of the city’s top instructors. They’ll make you sweat, breathe, move, and stretch for one-hour. 

Then, they will give you free stuff to take home. You have to bring your own mat, but we think that’s a fair compromise for free yoga and stuff. 

There’s something for both the afterwork and pre-brunch crowds.

On Thursdays at 6 PM, classes will combine yoga, bodyweight-bearing exercises, and cardio for a complete workout. Sundays at 10 AM, you’ll find a vinyasa inspired flow that links breath to movement and is good for any level.  

The Free Stuff

Don’t be ashamed if your ears perked at the mention of giveaways. We don’t care what gets you to class, as long as you’re there.

Yogis will be gifted one of our reusable water bottles. You’ll be hydrating, saving the environment, and representing the coolest brand in the neighborhood.

Plus, we will also be handing out Time Out Market gift cards while supplies last. You know, for your post-workout meal. 

Thursday Yoga Bootcamp

Sign up now, starting with our first class this Thursday. Save your spot at each class through September.

All Yoga Bootcamp classes start at 6 pm.


August 15

August 22

August 29

September 5

September 12

September 19

September 26

Sunday Vinyasa

Sign up now, starting with our first class this Thursday. Save your spot at each class through September.

All Sunday Vinyasa classes start at 10 am.


August 18

August 25

September 8

September 15

September 22

September 29

Photo credits: Adam Parshall.