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The Fenway Fridays Return

The Fenway Fridays Return. Which sounds like the title of our favorite movie of all time. But it’s real, and it starts next week.

The original Fenway Fridays had deals, discounts and giveaways galore. We made the best day of the week better.

The 401 Park Green

So, how do you take something that’s already better than the best and blow it out? With Boston’s newest playground. 

The second ever Fenway Fridays will feature parties and collaborations at the new 401 Park green space. The themes will change weekly, but fun is always guaranteed.

Oysters & Yacht Rock

Open: July 19, 4 to 7 PM

We’re talking an oyster free-for-all. Literally. You pay zero dollars to eat all the oysters – ocean to table. Eventide Fenway will be shucking live time. So, expect only the freshest and tastiest.

In keeping with the Yacht Rock-inspired evening, DJ Frank White will also be joining the party. Get ready for tunes that will transport you right to the beach and sea. 


Open: July 26, 7 to 9 AM

The weekend is so much more satisfying when it starts with a solid sweat. Trillfit is bringing their cardio dance fitness to The Fenway for a bright (but not too early) class.

If health and wellness is not enough of an incentive for you, there will also be free juice. Revolution Health Kitchen is coming to quench your inevitable thirst after the workout. 

Urban Farming

Open: August 2, 3 to 6 PM

If your past plants suffered an untimely death, this workshop is for you. Change your Grim Reaper ways with the help of Green City Growers.

You can expect a hands-on tutorial of organic growing and urban farming from their team of experts. Because you can’t cultivate a green thumb without digging in some dirt.

Tiki & Karaoke

Open: August 23, 4 to 7 PM

Take the leap from singing in the shower to belting it out on stage. Since the party isn’t until August, you have plenty of time to pick and practice your favorite tunes.

And don’t let the crowd deter you from all the karaoke fun. Pair your performance with a tiki cocktail (for liquid courage) and Hojoko’s tasty tropical bites. 

Coffee & Doughnuts

Open: September 13, 8 to 10 AM

We definitely are trying to cause a big s-s-sensation with this party. Since The Who will be at Fenway Park, it’s only natural to bring a little of that rock vibe to 401 Park.

Jam out to live music. Grub out on custom Blackbird Doughnuts and free coffee. Browse amazing memorabilia and get ready for the real deal later that evening. 

Fashion & Creation

Open: September 20, 4 to 7 PM

The geniuses behind Hourglass originally made their Fenway debut in a pop-up on Boylston Street. Now they’re back, this time headlining The Fenway Fridays alongside other artistic tastemakers.

The evening will be filled with fashion, creativity, style, and live music.