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Words Heard Round The Fenway

The Fenway is a neighborhood like no other. People come here for everything. Work. Play. Food. Drink. Entertainment. Life. 

Whether standing on the corner of Boylston Street or posting up at a local coffee shop, you never know who you’ll see. Or what you’ll hear. 

“Well, that was cold.”

Woman to herself, about her walk to Target

“You know what you’re getting already?”

Friend A

“Yeah, I always get the exact same things.”

Friend B

No. New. Foods. 

“Who’s in that car?”

“It’s Price!”

“It’s Jackie!”

“No, it’s Mookie!”

All the red sox fans after the parade,
all speaking at the same time

“We could go to by CHLOE. They have mac n’ cheese, but the cheese isn’t really cheese. It’s – well, I don’t know what it is. But it’s good.” 


“You look like you’re ready to go skiing.”

“I feel like I’m ready to go skiing.”

cashier to customer

“I have been looking for this Yeti all week!”

man talking to himself