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Top 10 Patios in The Fenway

When the weather warms up, all we want to do is get outside.

And who can blame us? Six months of cold and darkness is long enough to make anyone crave sunshine. 

Of course, just because the temps spike doesn’t mean we can suddenly stop going to our drafty office or windowless classroom. As much as we might like to.

But, in The Fenway, we’ve found a work-around for all the time we have to spend indoors. It’s called food. When the spring rolls in, outdoor restaurant patios roll out. So, take a longer lunch than usual or more frequent dinner dates and get outside.


What to get: Meat, of course.  

BBQ is designed to be eaten outside. That’s why people spend all summer hosting… well, BBQs. So, the Sweet Cheeks beer garden and patio is not only a natural place to have a bite, but also a great spot to hold those upcoming graduation bashes. 


What to get: Cold Brew

We have nothing against drinking hot coffee in hot weather. But, we also love cold brew. Pavement’s patio is a great space for sipping coffee and getting ready for the day. Throw in a pastry, and you’ve already won the day.


What to get: This seems obvious. All the burgers.

Burgers are meant to be eaten outside. And the geniuses at Tasty Burger know it. That’s why you can get burgers at their outdoor, walk-up window AND at Fenway Park. Grub out while hanging out along Boylston or watching a Sox game. It doesn’t really matter, it will be tasty either way. 


What to get: Baguette Sandwich

Not only do they make a great baguette sandwich (among other things), but they have an equally great shop. They’ve customized it to the neighborhood and made it summer-ready. The garage style doors open up onto the street so the bustling inside can spill out. 


What to get: Knackwurst Sandwich

Yes, Eventide usually equals seafood. And we would never steer you away from their oysters. Or crudo. Or lobster roll. But, it’s baseball season. Pre-game should be spent having a sausage sandwich, sippin’ a $3 Narragansett and sitting on their fresh patio. Maybe, also, with a side of oysters.


What to get: Brunch

Brunch seems like the one (and only) reason to get out of bed on the weekend. Now, thanks to Tiger Mama’s patio on Boylston Street, you can accomplish the most important task of the day while soaking up that Vitamin D.


What to get: Beer

The best warm weather pastimes are baseball and beer. At Yard House, you can have both. They’ve got a TV on their back patio. So, not only can you cheer on the Sox without paying the price of admission at Fenway, but you can do it outside and just a few blocks from the park.  


What to get: Tots

Why do fries get all the glory? Enjoying tater tots outside on a sunny day is basically a tribute to our childhood. Not to mention that, along with their awesome outdoor space, Wahlburgers also has great fries. So, you don’t have to choose between the two if you don’t want to. 


What to get: Ice Cream Sandwich

Not only does this off-the-beaten path spot have a great backyard patio, but they also have ice cream sandwiches. And we love ice cream. To top off their already tasty food and drink menu, they’ve teamed up with Beech Sweet Treats to make this an even more appealing summer hangout. 


What to get: Spring Salad

Our favorite Greek spot is as excited about patio season as anyone. They’re going to step up their event game to celebrate the season, starting with a nitro cold brew pop-up on May 26th. Because the only thing that is better than Greek food outside, is free coffee to go with it.