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Opening Our Doors 2023: A Day of Cultural Celebration in The Fenway

In its 22nd year, “Opening Our Doors” returns to The Fenway on October 9 with a mission to unlock the doors of iconic and historic institutions for a free day of enriching experiences across the Fenway Cultural District.

Founded by The Fenway Alliance in 2001, the festival continues to be an annual invitation to the public to explore the neighborhood by partaking in a day of music, art, walking and garden tours, performances, and cultural delights.

The day kicks off at The Christian Science Plaza, with poetry, dance, and musical performances, before spreading across the neighborhood.

​“Opening Our Doors” at The Station

The Station, located at 1400 Boylston St., will be a cornerstone of this year’s festival, with a full day of programming set to take place.

Here is a preview of what to expect, we hope to see you there:

12-3 PM: Curated performances brought to you by SIDE Presents

Supported by the rhythmic waves of DJ Mez Wav, the “OURS” storytelling showcase pays tribute to the Indigenous people and celebrates Indigenous culture. Explore an affirmation station thoughtfully curated by Anabelle of Ines Interiors, offering moments of serenity amidst the festivities, and indulge in complimentary donuts and hot ‘SIDEr’ sponsored by Red Apple Farms.

Lineup includes:

  • Florcy sharing ancient wisdom
  • Cheyenne Wyzzard-Jones and Tonasia Jones exploring Black and Indigenous narratives
  • Musical talents Evelyn Blush and Jennylee

3-5 PM: Project Misik

Hosted by The Fenway Cohort member Kera Washington and Zili Misik, Project Misik will shine a spotlight on the work of local BIPOC artists. Join us to celebrate creativity, diversity, and self-expression of the queer community, while fostering a sense of unity through performance.

Mark your calendars and join in the festivities on this special day in The Fenway! For the full list of “Opening Our Doors” locations and program information, check back regularly here.