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Knowing Dave Dubois

Boston is a culinary destination. If you don’t already know that, let us enlighten you. 

The food scene in this town goes beyond just lobster rolls and baked beans. Though, we obviously love both of those, too.

As you navigate the different neighborhoods of Boston, you are bound to stumble upon something for everyone. Greasy spoons. Fine dining concepts. The occasional hole-in-the-wall. Boston has it all.

With this array of taste-tastic cuisine comes a handful of world-class chefs. In The Fenway, Dave Dubois undoubtedly makes the list. We like to claim him as our own (for obvious reasons), but his restaurant resume actually extends beyond the borders of our neighborhood. Learn about his foodie hot spots and more with our 5 fast facts, and sign up to our newsletter for a chance to win 3 $25-dollar gift cards to Tasty BurgerCitizen Public House and Our Fathers.


The man, the myth, the cook has been around for more than two decades. Dave opened his first restaurant, Franklin Café, in the South End in 1997. We’ll give him a pass for not starting out in The Fenway, because he has since brought us Tasty Burger and Citizen Public House. And he didn’t stop there. Tasty Burger has spread throughout Boston and to D.C., and Dave just opened Our Fathers in Allston. He’s been busy for the last twenty years.


In fact, that might be an understatement. He’s a huge animal lover. There’s no need to leave your puppy home when dining with Dave, as his patios are made for both your human and furry friends. Not to mention, he’s been known to throw a few dog-centric parties in his time.


Dave was born and raised in Cambridge so, naturally, he’s been a Sox fan since he was a kid. Today, he is the maker of the Official Burger of the Boston Red Sox. That means you can get a Tasty Burger inside the sacred walls of Fenway Park. It might not be suiting up and hitting bombs off the Yankees, but it’s still a childhood dream-come-true. And, if you taste one of his burgers, you’ll definitely think it’s a home run.


He likes to take a single spirit that is either under-appreciated or under-represented and give it the love it deserves. At Citizen Public House, they are all about whiskey. Since opening in 2010, Citizen has become one of the top whiskey bars in the country. At the same time, over at Our Fathers, they are highlighting more than 85 gins from around the world in 30+ classic gin cocktails.


As the old adage goes, good food takes time. Dave knows that. And he spent more than eighteen months developing the recipe and cooking style for the Our Fathers cardamom and coriander crusted pastrami. Good thing, too, because they now hand-slice that very pastrami, add Ba-Tampte deli mustard and twice-baked rye bread to create one of Boston’s best deli sandwiches.