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Giveaways on The Fenway Fridays

The Fenway Fridays are a weekly block party. And the entire neighborhood is in on it. Restaurants. Shops. Gyms. You name it.

You can get deals and promotions that are only available one day a week. The best day, if you ask us.

But we’re not stopping there. No party is complete without free stuff. And since we’re good hosts, over the next six weeks we will be giving away a lot of free stuff.


The only hard part about this contest is the wait. We will pick a grand prize winner on the last Fenway Friday of the series. August 31st. Mark your calendars if you love cool prizes.

All you have to do in the meantime is sign up to enter. We’ll handle the rest. And by that, we mean booking the ultimate staycation package:

  • A one-night stay at The Verb Hotel. Complete with a balcony. A pool. And all the records you can play.
  • Dinner for two at Tiger Mama. We’ll make the reservation and pay the bill. Definitely order that extra cocktail, it’s on us.
  • 2 Tickets to the Red Sox v. Yankees game at Fenway Park. We hope you like great seats. These are second row, between home plate and the Sox dugout.
  • Local swag. Including a 6-pack of your favorite brew from craft beer cellar. Gift cards to the best shops around. And two ‘This is The Fenway’ t-shirts. Because we bet you look great in our logo. 


You’re gonna have to work for this one. And we’re pitting you against other Fenway Insiders. Because we like to have fun, too.

Each Fenway Friday, we will work with Plenty of Twenties to hide cash and ACE Ticket gift cards around the neighborhood. We won’t tell you when. We won’t tell you where.

Our only hint? Follow us on InstagramFacebook. And Twitter. Each Friday, we will post the clue on one of those three sites. After that, it’s a foot race.