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Get to know Brighter Revealed, The Station’s newest art installation

This holiday season, we are beyond excited to have welcomed a new art installation to The Fenway.

Brighter Revealed is a larger-than-life lantern, designed and created by artists Tova Speter and Emily Bhargava and commissioned by Jewish Arts Collaborative in 2021. Over 300 participants from 16 partnering schools and organizations throughout the Greater Boston area responded to the prompt “what is your source of inner strength,” and through their answers, Brighter Revealed was born.

Brighter Revealed toured over 30 locations in 2021 and is now on display at The Station for the entire community to share in its light. The installation is illuminated nightly from 4 PM – 11 PM throughout Hanukkah and the month of December.

The Celebration of Hannukah

The celebration of Hanukkah centers around sharing the miracle of light amidst darkness and the triumph of freedom prevailing over persecution. By bringing communities together to create art and by publicly showcasing their collaborative work, this project not only highlights the past miracles of Hanukkah, but also reveals and acknowledges the present day miracles, inspiration, and collective strength found in our Boston community.

The Process

While the structure was being built by Manny Hutter, a woodworker based in Boston and Lead Carpenter at Herculean Woodworks, artists Tova Speter and Emily Bhargava lead 16 community art workshops. After participants determined their answer to what is their source of inner strength, they then selected a color palette and one of eight stencils that resonated most with their individual source of inner strength, and transparent “scratch art” sheets were used to reveal designs, allowing light and color to shine through.

During this year’s first annual Luminary Walk, community members were invited to join Tova, Emily, and the JArts team to create their own Brighter Revealed-inspired scratch art to decorate their lanterns.

To learn more about how Brighter Revealed was created and hear from the artists on the power behind art, check out their interview on JLive.