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Fall Flavors in The Fenway

Fall Flavors in The Fenway

There are people who covet the change in seasons. There are others who don’t. And there are others still who not only hate the transition to fall, but also the people who love it.

But let’s play nice. We can all agree that there is one benefit in going from August to October. Hot to coldish. Green trees to orange leaves. It’s food. Obviously. Because food is the best part of every day. But it’s especially enjoyable when the seasons change and restaurants across the neighborhood mix up their menus.

That doesn’t mean you have to bathe in pumpkin spice, either. Or tolerate candy corn. There are seasonal eats to satisfy any and all palettes, you just need to find them. 


Pumpkin Cheesecake Bismarck Doughnut

Don’t chastise us just yet. We know not everyone loves pumpkin spice. But everything Blackbird Doughnuts does is amazing. So, this seasonal doughnut will be delicious no matter what your stance on pumpkin flavors. 


HUNAPU Honeycrisp apple, pie crust, caramel

Coffee is a daily (or twice daily, or three times daily) necessity. When the weather changes, it is particularly enjoyable to sit back with a steaming cup of joe. And when it’s 20% off, it’s that much better. At Pavement Coffee, you can currently get your own fall blend. For a discount. That should be enough to convert any anti-autumn coffee drinkers. 


Fall Flatbread

So far in your day, you’ve had coffee and sweets. Great decisions. But now it’s time for a savory snack. Tatte Bakery recently launched their fall menu and the number one item on our must-try list: flatbread. It’s healthy, too. Because it’s topped with both squash and brussel sprouts. And those are vegetables. 


Currywurst Poutine

Technically, potatoes are veggies, too. Still, this isn’t the healthiest lunch. But it is one of the most delicious. Plus, it fits into the Oktoberfest-ivities that have taken over Yard House. And that means it’s fall flavor-worthy. 



Oyster season actually falls during the cold-weather months. There are a bunch of great oyster spots throughout Boston, but Eventide Fenway is the only one doing a Golden Oyster giveaway this fall. [As far as we know]. Stop in on October 14 to order a dozen oysters. Use mind control to win one of their three, randomly placed Golden Oysters. Enjoy your grand prize of one-dollar oyster Fridays for an entire year. 


Orange Wine

We picked this for the fall colors. And because we love wine. During October, nathàlie wine bar is handing out play cards to track how many orange wines you drink. Drink all ten to win swag. Forget any other goals you’ve set this month. There is nothing more important than drinking all the wines. 



Full disclosure, we definitely eat ramen year-round. But now that the temperature has dropped, the appeal of ramen has gone up. In fact, a perfect autumn night is spent downing a bowl [or, let’s be honest, multiple bowls] of rich, hearty ramen at Hojoko


Anything at Sweet Cheeks

Yes, the meats at Sweet Cheeks are truly one of the best things to ever happen to our taste buds. But their desserts are equally mouth-watering. Especially this fall. They’ve just rolled out Pumpkin Pecan Praline Cake-in-a-Jar AND S’mores Pie. We know what you’re thinking – how will you choose just one? The answer is obvious: Don’t. Order both. Always.