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5 Late-Night Eats in The Fenway

Everybody knows there are specific categories of restaurants…

The best spots for a boozy brunch, a nice stop for a feel-good-about-yourself salad, and those you convince your parents to take you to when they visit. Then, there is one highly unique and truly essential category: late-night eats.

There are a few specific criteria for eating out after the night’s plans have started to fizzle and you’re dying for some food. First, there must be something for every member of your friend group. Second, there have to be enough greasy and downright destructive-to-your-body items on the menu. Third, the atmosphere has to be fun and judgement-free to fit your state of mind at that point in the evening.

Luckily, there are more than enough options in The Fenway that can cover all of your needs. 


These burgers are nothing short of amazing. You can choose to sit down or get a meal to go, ideal for the different demands of a group. They have a very suitable array of burgers, sides (um, sweet potato tater tots) and spiked milkshakes – if you’re looking to keep the night going. 

I tested out their new summer special, the Super Summer Bacon Burger, which was fresh and tasty with corn salsa, fried onions, bacon aioli and other toppings. Head over if you’re looking for a delicious and filling late-night eat. 


Where indulgent dreams are realized. Take one look at the menu and you’ll instantly find 5 items you can’t leave without trying. My eyes went straight for the fried mac n’ cheese appetizer. When this decadent, Jenga tower of crispy mac n’ cheese was finished, I was ready to recommend it to everyone. 

The atmosphere is also on point. The lights are dimmed, and it attracts a working crowd. There is also a patio, perfect for a late summer night. Go here for the ultimate cheat meal. 


You can never go wrong with a slice of pizza. Never. Regina Pizzeria is a classic, well known for its quality and dependency. You will never leave feeling like you didn’t fulfill your pizza craving. A main plus is the speed at which you can get your late-night fix. If you’re looking for a no-frills staple and a quick bite, make your way on over here.


A little slice of The South in the middle of The Fenway. As soon as you see Loretta’s bright colored patio and hear their array of live music, you will know this is a great place to end the night. Unlike the others on this list, their menu features unique Southern classics. 

I had never tried chicken and waffles before, and I will never go back to that lifestyle. Add pulled pork grilled cheese and steak biscuits to their list of additional eye-catching menu items. You also won’t want to miss any of their events – like singer songwriter night or line dancing. This is exactly the kind of place that will have you and your friends on stage by the end of the evening. 


You can’t think of The Fenway without literally thinking of Fenway Park. So, what better way to embrace the theme of the area than hitting up one of the best sports bars sitting right next to the field? 

This spot houses two floors, corn hole sets, 30+ TVs, and ping pong tables. After a game, you’ll find a roaring crowd for hours on end. The menu is standard bar food which is sure to satisfy anyone’s needs. Keep the party going here and challenge your friend to an intense game of ping pong.