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Friday April 12 2024 7:00pm

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$12 General Admission



Zedervan is an indie-Americana group born out of the vibrant music scene of Boston, Massachusetts. The band’s journey began at local open mics with impromptu jam sessions in bars and restaurants, fueling their desire to connect with community and share music. Drawing inspiration from the rich musical heritage of Americana and indie rock, the band carves out their own unique sound reminiscent of Neil Young, the Allman Brothers, Wilco, Weezer, and more. Fronted by songwriter and lead guitarist, Sam Little, whose lyrics draw inspiration from both daily rumination and world-shattering moments in life, Zedervan delivers raw, emotive performances that leave a lasting impression. Vocalist and organist, Micki Dupnik, brings a strong dose of soul and power with her room-shaking vocal harmonies, while bassist and co-songwriter, Mike Purtell, and drummer, Michael O’keefe, set the foundation with passion and groove. 

General Admission

A very limited number of bar stools and table seats are available on a first come first served basis

There is a one drink minimum per show *standing*

There is a two drink minimum per show *seated*


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