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Z Riot, Deviant

Monday April 1 2024 7:00pm

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$10 Advance | $15 Day-of


About Z Riot

ZARHET is a dynamic and versatile, up & coming Latina artist from Las Vegas, Nevada. Her shows consist of fusions of dance, theatre and vocal performances to deliver a fully immersive show. She is on the rise of developing her sound and voice in the music industry and shows a very bold and trailblazing future ahead. @zarhetibarra

Zesi is a 21 year old Colombian/Venezuelan singer-songwriter from Miami, Florida. She goes to Berklee College of Music and was a part of Let It Beat artist sessions with Juanes, Carlos Vives, Mark Letteri and Gale. She sang a cover for the Amazon prime series “súbete a mi moto”. She is a part of Sony Casita Limon productions. Furthermore, she’s a member of ASCAP and a member of the Broadway Artist Alliance program stationed in New York City. Her genres range from house, R&B, pop and Bossa music. She collaborated with multiple artists including Lauren Jean, Fulano, Mandi, Maz and Francesca Londono, etc.

About Cordelia Fox

Cordelia Fox is a singer, songwriter, producer, engineer, and guitarist currently studying production at Berklee College of Music. Inspired by both the soul of 20th century music and the electronic sounds of the present day, she explores genres like RnB, Jazz, Neo-soul, and folk to create a unique sound that is driven by human experience and connection. 

About Deviant

Deviant, a DJ duo from the soulful South, defies convention with their seamless blend of techno, jungle, garage, and diverse electronic genres. Saint Melusine, hailing from Destin, Florida, and Bratattack, representing Atlanta, Georgia, anchor their enigmatic duo in the rich musical landscapes of the region. With pulsating beats and untamed energy, Deviant creates an electrifying fusion, inviting enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the hypnotic embrace of their genre-defying sounds. Welcome to the heartbeat of the South – welcome to the world of Deviant.

General Admission

A very limited number of bar stools and table seats are available on a first come first served basis

There is a one drink minimum per show *standing*

There is a two drink minimum per show *seated*


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