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The Great Indoors and Walkney

Saturday April 13 2024 7:00pm

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The Great Indoors

The Great Indoors are bringing forth a melodic and immersive sound that is as unique and modern, as it is nostalgic. Hailing from North Carolina and turning out their debut releases with Platinum-Awarded producer Dan Dixon in Atlanta, Georgia, the band is set to make their mark in the landscape of modern popular music. The Great Indoors’ newest single, ‘Music You Can Play At Home’ is at equal times a reflection of loneliness, as well as an expression of hope, delivered in a spacious atmosphere.


After appearing briefly on American Idol and landing a spot on NOW 66 with his single “​Lucia Rose​”, Pennsylvania singer/songwriter Walkney is releasing his long awaited breakout debut. Produced by Michael O’Malley (Pittsburgh, PA), the EP features Walkney’s most soulful songs to date. With dancy anthems like ​Unhappy​ & ​Beast​, Walkney implements classic elements like brass and strings taking a sure footed but small step into the world of pop. No stranger to heartbreak, Walkney lyrics are like an open journal to love lost. The third track on the EP, ​Lady,​ represents the push and pull of being in a less than healthy relationship. This song really embodies the theme of the record, which is being completely powerless in addressing an oncoming problem. ​Wah​ gives us a look at the gritty and darker side of Walkney. Since 2016, Walkney has spent ample time on stage. After landing a Spirit Airlines sponsorship (Music4Miles), Walkney toured in the US/Canada, and has plans to expand his international horizons. “After three years of writing and recording for what would be my first solo release, there’s nothing better than being able to give people a small representation of what I’m capable of. These songs are only the tip of the iceberg, the first step… the beginning.” – Derek from Walkney

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