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MegaGoneFree, Halle Moné

Thursday March 7 2024 10:00pm

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$15 General Admission


About MegaGoneFree

MegaGoneFree is a Black LGBTQ+ independent musician who is on a mission to get their message heard around the world. A message of love, open mindedness, empathy, acceptance, and hope. Mega strives to empower their listeners to embrace their uniqueness, as it is their greatest strength. 

Originally from Baltimore, MD, Mega’s positivity and commanding voice coupled with their soulful melodies are quick to spread a smile. They are beloved for their fearless refusal to compromise their identity. Mega’s music is a mix of genres. Mostly Alternate Pop with hints of jazz, HipHop, R&B etc. Their lively exciting music is sure to have you head bobbing along!

About Halle Moné

Halle Moné is a rising singer/songwriter from Fairfield, California. Having always had a natural affinity for music, the Boston-based songwriter began singing at the age of three. Halle began her journey into the realm of songwriting during the pandemic, finding “solace in writing”. After the release of her first single in July of 2020, she continued to hone her craft, “[writing] and [reflecting] on her experiences in an attempt to go deeper with her music”. Although she receives inspiration from several styles, Halle Moné combines various compositional elements to form her unique and authentic sound. “ I really dislike putting myself in a genre box, and instead, just like to make things that I enjoy/think are cool.” Halle Moné currently has three releases in her Spotify discography. One of her most popular tracks, ‘0% (my phones dead)’, has already amassed almost 100 thousand streams on Spotify alone. With a growing number of followers and listeners, there is no denying the fact that Halle Moné is developing a dedicated following of loyal fans.

General Admission

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There is a two drink minimum per show *seated*


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