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Kalliope Jones, Emmi King, Liana Georgi

Wednesday March 27 2024 7:00pm

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$15 Advance | $20 Day-of


About Kalliope Jones

Kalliope Jones (Isabella DeHerdt, Wes Chalfant, and Alouette Batteau) is a post-rock power trio from Western Massachusetts. Originally a folk-rock group, Kalliope Jones has developed its soundscape to bend gender-genre-genius from r&b, pop punk, and alt indie. Kalliope Jones weaves three unique songwriting styles into a fusion that fabricates the fibers of cosmological being.

About Emmi King

Emmi King isn’t just another average young artist -she’s a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who plays the drums, guitar, bass, and piano. She not only composes all of her songs and lyrics on her own, but also performs all the instrumental parts on her recordings in the studio by herself.

About Liana Georgi

Over 25 million people worldwide watched LianaGeorgi, as she slowed down the police at the forbidden Pride in Istanbul 2021. Especially after musical legend Madonna shared the video, the singer-songwriter and activist rose to fame globally – for her fierce activism and deeply touching ballads ranging from pop to soul or jazz.

The German-Bulgarian pop voice collaborate with US American hit producer Mike Sabath, (re:Shawn Mendes & Meghan Trainor) for her song “All for love” and created the first ever lesbian Bulgarian music video for her song “Change” featuring US American non-binary supermodel Rain Dove, directed by award winning filmmaker Slava Doytcheva (re: Palms Springs International Film Festival).

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