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Botero, Zach Ryan, Benji Jimenez

Wednesday April 17 2024 7:00pm

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$15 General Admission


About Botero

Juan Botero is a multi-instrumentalist that  was raised on R&B, Rock and the Blues. Inspired by artists such as Theo Katzman and Stephen Day, Juan makes lived-in indie soul with a retro shine. His songs range from intimate acoustic ballads to danceable silver-lining chasers, creating a diverse yet emotional live experience. Botero’s music touches on his experiences growing up in Texas, exuding an All-American narrative while also staying to his Hispanic roots. Juan’s “melting-pop” act has been extremely well received during his time at Berklee College of Music, resulting in well-attended performances at notable venues such as The Burren (Boston), The Well (Dallas) and a successful Sofar Sounds show this past fall. His latest album “Rose Colored Glasses” (2020) has gained more than 32k streams on Spotify. Botero’s highly anticipated new EP, “Out Of My Head” will be released this upcoming May.

About Zach Ryan

Zach Ryan is a singer songwriter from Port Jefferson, Long Island. He blends his love for blues and rock with deeply personal lyrics to write songs that live comfortably between R&B, rock, and country, with a contemporary flare. His songs are brought to life by his virtuosic guitar playing, oftentimes through slide guitar. Through his music, Zach hopes to let the listener into a world of deep emotion, with poignant anecdotes about long distance love, the relationship with the self, and the inevitability of growing up.

About Benji Jimenez

Benji Jimenez is a singer songwriter from New Jersey. His songs are written to give listeners a sense of recognition and shared experience as they discover words for what were, before, indescribable feelings. He focuses on topics of healing, faith, and the struggles we face within ourselves as we come to terms with who we are and the world around us.

General Admission

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