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Berklee Summer in the City

Thursday July 11 2024 12:00pm

Rijah at 201 Brookline

Rijah blends luminous harmonies with heartfelt lyrics, creating music that’s both uplifting and deeply personal. Hailing from Jersey City and infused with the jazz vibes of Manhattan, her sound is a vibrant self-portrait reflecting themes of perseverance, growth, and human nature. Her upcoming project, “Motion Pictures,” is born from her journey of self-discovery and exploring the world around her.

Rijah’s take on R&B bridges the gap between youth and adulthood. Her 2022 release, “the only one i know EP,” marks the start of her artistic journey, showcasing her love for both music production and songwriting. In 2023, she caught the spotlight in an NPR Tiny Desk Top Shelf episode. Baby Rose, an acclaimed R&B singer-songwriter, picked Rijah’s entry as a favorite in the national NPR Tiny Desk Contest, with judge Sudan Archives praising her “amazing” and “unique voice” (WBUR News, Noah Schaffer, 2023).

Since then, Rijah has been mixing jazz’s complexities with the lyrical and melodic vibes of her musical heroes, crafting a tapestry that tells her story. Keep an eye out for “Motion Pictures,” coming later this year.