Get Your College Survival Kit, Courtesy of The Fenway Cart

Over the course of the fall, The Fenway Cart will welcome students to their new college homes in The Fenway. The Fenway cart street team will come armed with ‘student survival kits’ featuring items to help students tackle the upcoming year.

Shoobx: Smart Solutions for Startups

The Fenway’s Hatch, located inside the Landmark Center, has become a synergetic startup incubator and co-working hub where Boston entrepreneurs share ideas, build relationships and develop grand visions of innovative products and services.

Neighborhoods: Coffee and Crepes with a Conscience

Tucked away on Peterborough Street’s delicious Restaurant Row is a quiet family-run Parisian-style café that’s quickly become a vibrant part of The Fenway community.

Ask a Bartender: Naomi from Eastern Standard

We’re asking bartenders in The Fenway to tell us about their favorite cocktails. Next up: a spicy tequila cocktail crafted by Naomi, the bar manager at Eastern Standard.

Wear in the World: Kyte&Key Blends Fashion & Phone Chargers

We all know what it’s like to be without a charger when you need it most. When it happened to Antonio Bertone, he decided to create a business around it that provides a stylish solution to a universal problem.

Food Gift Love: Eat Boutique Founder Preps a New Cookbook

Over the past 7 years, Eat Boutique has earned a reputation as one of the culinary community’s premier recipe blogs and online marketplaces for handpicked, small-batch, artisanal food products. Recently, however, founder Maggie Battista decided to branch out and attempt something she’s never done before: release a cookbook.

Toast Pops Up in The Fenway: Hatch’s First Tenant Moves In

Recently moving its headquarters from Cambridge to the eighth floor of Landmark Center, Toast has become the first official tenants of Hatch, The Fenway’s new and cutting-edge workspace for scaling businesses. Toast’s new location utilizes its sizable square footage into loosely divided offices, comfortable conference rooms (named after breads - “Naan,” “Pita,” etc), a kitchen, lounge areas (named after spreads - “Hummus,” “Jelly”) and communal open spaces.

Bark and Bite: Boston’s Top Pet-Friendly Eateries

Want to go out on the town, but hate abandoning your furry friend at home? Thankfully, there’s a few local spots that welcome humans and canines alike. To find out the best restaurants for pet owners, we turned to our new neighborhood pet experts: Baroo.

Ask a Bartender: Sue from Bar Louie

All summer long, we’re asking bartenders in The Fenway to tell us about their favorite summer cocktails. Next up: a delicious summer drink crafted by Sue from Bar Louie.

The Portable Party: Shopping at City Target in The Fenway

With the opening of the new City Target in The Fenway, residents have a new resource for...pretty much everything! While the metropolitan version carries many of the same items as its suburban counterparts, it also focuses on the specific needs of the urban shopper, including smaller sizes (for people taking mass transit) and bigger brands (for us urbane city folk).


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