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Find your family’s fir in The Fenway

With the holidays around the corner, people across Boston are looking for the right tree for their home. The Fenway Tree Shop pop-up at 1301 Boylston has a ton of single trees ready to mingle their way to cozy corners in homes across the city.

But how do you know it’s the perfect fir? Let’s meet the trees to find your match. 


Meet Treena, a 4’ petite evergreen who loves to pine over romance novels. Her slight stature but sturdy branches will fit perfectly next to your book nook or cozy reading spot. 


Groot is a table-top companion for intergalactic warriors who have been pandemic-bound to their studio apartments. Place Groot near an open window on a brisk winter morning to allow the stellar smell of the far-away forest breeze into your home.


Bring some cheer to your Zoom backgrounds with Calvin, a 7’ tall stocky spruce. With a 4’ diameter and soft yet full branches, he can cover up whatever you’ve had behind you for the past year, plus today’s latest mess.


This is Dandy, a family-friendly fir that can fit atop a sedan or on the added wheels of a cycle-truck. In case 2020 didn’t already make the holidays awkward, you can use this boughing beauty as an excuse for fewer guests, since you forgot to measure where it was going and “full-sized” was an understatement.


Dr. Garland might not be a tree, but this greenery offers a festive reminder to take precautions with indoor holiday gatherings. And there’s a 10% discount for healthcare heroes!

In what has been a unique year, bring the traditional magic home to you and yours! Whether it’s two or ten-feet tall, the pop-up shop is sure to have the perfect fir for your home this holiday season. 

Visit The Fenway Tree Shop beginning November 27 through December 13 to meet your festive match.