Van Ness

Built for pioneering businesses ready to change the game, the office at Van Ness are completely customizable, waiting to be transformed into the perfect workspace by today’s most innovative companies. Currently LEED Gold pre-certified, the building is primed for organizations ready to embrace intelligent and efficient design. 


An urban hub, Landmark is intimately woven into the fabric of the Fenway neighborhood. A workspace and playground for tens of thousands of professionals, students and tourists, the surrounding streets teem with vitality unique to a major cultural center, providing the ideal backdrop for any office location. 


Case of the Januaries? Tips to Brighten up your Work Space.

Turn your desk into a picnic and bring more light in your environment.

Fall Cocktail Recipe from Sweet Cheeks

Next time you go for the best BBQ of your life, try this delicious fall inspired cocktail - aptly named the Indian Summer. Better yet, the staff at Sweet Cheeks was kind enough to walk us through the recipe in case you want to try your hand at bartending...

The Fenway Offers Convenient, Green Access to Boston

One of the advantages to living in a neighborhood like the Fenway is the easy access to the city. Surrounding neighborhoods like Back Bay, South End, Cambridge and Jamaica Plain are a stones-throw away.

Space and the New Start-Up

Space is like the omnipresent silent character in start-up mythology. Dorm rooms, garages, unoccupied classrooms at odd hours of the night…these are the storied incubators of some of tech’s tallest giants. But what happens when it’s time for a start-up to grow up? Does space really matter if you have a great vision and brilliant programmers? If you’re looking for a first space, or a new space, how can you make the best choice for your team?

Made Different: The Faces of The Fenway

The Fenway is more than the brick and mortar that fill its boundaries. The neighborhood is a community defined by the people who bring it to life. With a recent influx of makers and shakers to the area, the Fenway is evolving into a hotbed of innovation and creativity in Boston.


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