Springtime Suds: Eastern Standard Offers Up a New Season of Beer and Cider

Spring, as they say, has officially sprung. Which can only mean one thing: it’s time to emerge from our winter hibernation and take in the new-found sun with some suds. And for that, Eastern Standard, a staple of The Fenway, is ready to serve.

“Collegiette” Content: Her Campus Comes to the Hatch

Hatch Fenway continues to lure the brightest Boston talent to the Landmark Center, with its latest tenant Her Campus. Founded in 2009, by Windsor Hanger Western, Stephanie Kaplan Lewis and Annie Wang while undergraduates at Harvard, Her Campus is a global, multi-platform media brand and marketing firm dedicated to delivering lifestyle content for college women across multiple media channels.

Getting Reel: A Talk With Motion Graphics Artist, Jesse Vartanian

When you frequent a neighborhood as dynamic as The Fenway, you just never know who you might end up standing next to. That's Jesse Vartanian. He's come down from his home office upstairs to grab a cup of joe at Pavement before diving into his latest project for the New York Yankees. Don't worry. As a long-time resident of New England, he's still a dedicated Sox fan, but he's also an in-demand, Emmy award-winning motion graphics artist, who has worked with so many high-profile clients that listing them all would use up our word count.

Five in The Fenway: Jake Brennan on His Top Shows in the Neighborhood

If you’re into the Boston music scene, then you know Jake Brennan. And If you don’t, tune in for a brief musical education. He was frontman of the Cast Iron Hike and The Confidence Men. He’s a past winner of the WBCN Rock & Roll Rumble. He’s a producer and performer with local gem, Bodega Girls and he’s the co-owner and producer of the Boston Music Awards. A tireless music maker and appreciator, Jake has been show-going for over 20 years, paying close attention to the sounds that make up our city.

Still Hungry: Toast Talks Growth and Collaboration at Hatch Fenway

Chris Comparato doesn’t have much time to sit down to lunch these days. The CEO of Toast, the fast-growing point-of-sale system for restaurants, headquartered in Hatch Fenway, instead usually finds himself “sprinting from one meeting to the other” at the time of day most are eagerly shuffling out of the office for a mid-day bite.

What’s Happening at Hatch: March

Hatch continues its impressive run of live events this March. Weekly yoga with Christie plus gatherings from General Assembly and Appcues should not be missed. Check out the full list below and update your schedule—you won’t want to miss out!

The Fenway – March Music Spotlight

From huge, loud touring acts to local acoustic songwriters, there’s something musical happening in The Fenway every day of the week. We’ll keep you up to date on the latest shows and events. Here are some highlights from this month’s schedule.

By the Power of Grayscale: Black & White Live Music Photography Exhibit Hits The Verb

For the past 15 years, the photographer known, endearingly and cryptically, as Johnny Anguish has been covering the small and dingy nightclubs and musicians of Boston and beyond as one of the city’s go-to sonic archivist.

Alumnus Among Us: A Word with Northeastern’s VP of Alumni Relations, Rick Davis

After two decades of being the Director of Alumni Enrichment Programs at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Rick Davis was hired by Northeastern in May 2015. Accredited with several cutting-edge programs at UNC Chapel Hill, Davis is hard at work keeping up Northeastern’s good name and history of greatness while creating intriguing alumni opportunities for the upcoming generations at his new university up north.

Ask a Bartender: Katie from Loretta’s Last Call

Loretta’s Last Call has been providing The Fenway with a little bit of southern comfort since its opening in 2014. This sturdy neighborhood Honky Tonk offers warm oaky welcomes, southern comfort foods and down-home cocktails all within a hop, skip, and a jump of Fenway Park and the House of Blues. Boasting bluegrass music most nights of the week, Loretta’s is fast becoming a go-to spot for live music. And, if you’re in the mood to move after your first taste of their white lightning, they also offer line dancing.


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