Activate Your Winter

Winter is here. The days are shorter, temptations are everywhere throughout the holidays, and it’s friggin’ cold outside. Naturally, we spend much of the season either bundled up or hunkered down. Despite the winter’s best efforts to eliminate any motivation you may have, you will not be beat. Not this year. It’s essential to stay active throughout these cold-weather months, not just for your physical health, but for your sanity. And we're prepared to help. Here are seven tips for staying fit through another unforgiving, Boston winter. 

Lift it.

Hit the weights at Boston Sports Club. Pumping iron will get your blood flowing to keep you warm and toned even after the workout is over--you have to love the good ole afterburn effect. Fun fact, by increasing your muscle mass, you also boost your metabolism.

Run it.

Been intimidated to get out and run in the dead of the winter? Give it a shot anyway. It’s surprisingly refreshing. Hit the Emerald Necklace, one of the best jogging routes in the country. If you need some solid winter-weather outfits to get you over the hump, check out REI for some great prices on quality gear. Keep in mind that when you work out in the cold, you burn more calories since your body has to work harder to keep warm. It’s basic science. 

Spin it.

You can sweat like it’s summer at Boston’s own Handle Bar Cycling Studio. Handle Bar offers high energy spin classes in a community environment. These are not just workouts, they’re experiences. The enthusiasm of the instructors and the energy of the setting will help push you to a new level of performance. Sure, you will work your butt off, but you’ll have a good time doing it. 

WOD it.

High-intensity interval training is short, sweet and calorie-burning. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, CrossFit Fenway offers a variety of training experiences that will suit your ability and desired goals. Plus, you can take a peek at their work out of the day (WOD) online to help mentally prepare yourself for the pain you're going to experience. Just kidding, it will totally be fun. And you'll probably meet other like-minded fitness friends.

Stretch it.

Find your balance mentally and physically through yoga. Core Power Yoga’s classes range in intensity and style. If you’re feeling up for a challenge, try one of their hot yoga classes where they turn the temperature up to 100 degrees, literally. Afterall, the dead of winter is the perfect time to spend an hour in a 100-degree room. Give it a shot. 

Drink it.

A good cup of coffee isn’t just for getting you through a day at work or school. A small dose of caffeine can also have a positive impact on your workout. Luckily for you, The Fenway is a coffee haven. Try Pavement Coffeehouse or King's Row Coffee. Or both. No cream or sugar necessary. Kings Row was founded by James Beard award-winning chef Craig Shelton, whose background in science shines through in their complex canned nitro brew. Pavement is a great spot for a fresh pour over in a hip atmosphere. Either way, you’ll catch the buzz you need to elevate your workout.

Eat it.

Exercising regularly is only half the battle when it comes to staying fit. Eating healthy is just as important. So, if you must go out to eat, go green. Sweetgreen is a great option for healthy, fast, responsibly sourced food. Whether you’re on a plant-based diet, a full-on vegetarian or just enjoy delicious, real food, Sweetgreen is the place for you.

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