5 Ways to Win 2018

Many people see the new year as a fresh start, but it’s also a wake-up call. A reminder to evaluate where we’re at based on all we set out to accomplish last year. Ultimately, we commit to some sort of resolution in hopes of improving ourselves moving forward. Or we tease our friends who have made the mistake of sharing their resolution publicly. Either way, we all want to make each year better than the previous. With that in mind, here are some ways to win 2018.  

Schedule a stay-cation

Our day-to-day routines can often blind us to the fact that Boston is a world-class tourist destination. A stay-cation will help you see the city through a different lens. Book a room at The Verb Hotel. You can tap into their top-of-the-line vinyl collection upon arrival and enjoy a dip in their 80-degree year-round outdoor pool. You can also grab dinner and drinks right there at Hojoko. There’s enough to do, see and enjoy on the premises that you won’t even have to leave. But if you do, a mecca of additional dining and shopping opportunities awaits. You’ll come out of your stay-cation feeling refreshed and ready to rock. 

Hit the road

We all have career aspirations and know we have to work hard to achieve them. But, sometimes staying in Boston won’t cut it, and taking a real vacation won’t derail your career trajectory. Use that PTO. Get out and explore the surrounding New England destinations. Grab some gear from REI, snacks for the road from Blackbird and take off. In a few hours, you can find yourself hiking in Acadia National Park, tasting fresh maple syrup in the White Mountains or strolling Church Street in Burlington.

Be prepared

Let’s face it, we’re all busy these days. School, work, finances and adult responsibilities can be overwhelming. However, a little planning and organization can go a long way in helping you reclaim a portion of your sanity. Carve out time for weekly menu planning before you hit up Star Market. You’ll find your trip will have a more defined purpose, and you won’t waste money on items you don’t need. Need menu inspiration? Grab a few cook books from Barnes & Noble. And, while you’re out, be sure to stock up on the household staples from Staples—pens, note pads, calendar. 

Make time for fitness

We already told you how to stay fit this winter. So, there is no excuse for the rest of 2018. Your health should be a priority. And if you’re not about to give up pizza and beer (we wouldn’t recommend that, anyway), then physical fitness becomes even more important. Run, cycle, and stretch. Whether you like to spin at Handle Bar or hit the weights at Boston Sports Club, prioritizing workouts will keep you out of a fitness rut. 

Connect with friends IRL

We’re all feeling the pull to the digital world, but it’s important not to lose touch with your 3-dimensional friends. Get the crew together and head to your favorite Fenway establishments: Citizen Public House for whiskey, Tasty Burger for late night eats, or Yard House for a few beers. Not only will you have a great time with friends, but you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to secure some FOMO-inducing content for the gram.

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