5 Tips for Surviving Family Time

Rejoice, the holidays are here, and it’s a magical time for The Fenway. A special energy consumes Boston as the holiday spirit takes hold of the city. Gifts, drinks and parties abound. There is one issue with all this cheer and celebration, though. The holidays are essentially a crash course in extended family time.

In theory, this should bring up warm and fuzzy feelings. But let’s be honest, baby it’s cold outside--and your mother-in-law’s passive aggressive jabs or your drunken uncle’s tendency to start arguments can make it seem cold inside, too. That being said, you can’t avoid your family entirely, so here are five tips to help you survive them this holiday season. 

Silent Night

Listen, you can pick your friends, but not your family. And, when it comes to family, everyone thinks they know what’s best for everyone else. You know the good in each other, but you also surely know how to push each other’s buttons. So, this might seem simple, but avoid the hot topics this year. The holidays are not the time to champion a cause and attempt to change your Nana’s worldview. Instead, get your family together for a movie night at Regal Cinemas and avoid talking all together for a few hours.

Run Rudolph Run

The mental health benefits of exercise cannot be understated during the holidays. Sometimes physical activity is the best way to hit refresh (and an acceptable excuse for an hour of alone time). Channel any pent-up frustration you might have into an intense workout. Go for a jog along the Charles, or if the prospect of being outside in December shivers you to the core, hit up a spin sesh at Handle Bar

Here Comes Santa Claus

One thing we often forget about family--they’re people too. So, yeah, even your loved ones can be swayed with a little loving bribery. No shame here. Use some strategic gifting to set the tone for your visit. Grab your uncle a case of beer from Craft Beer Cellar. Take your mom for a manicure at MiniLuxe. Nobody can be mad at you when you’re giving them gifts. And, don’t forget about your furry family members too, grabbing the dog an Odin from Room 68 will surely guarantee you at least one loyal ally throughout the holidays. 

O Come (and Eat), All Ye Faithful

When you’re already juggling complex family dynamics, adding hangry-ness to the elements can be a fatal flaw. Fight this very real ailment before it escalates. Be the bearer of good food. Saloniki Catering offers a variety of crowd-pleasing dinner packages for the whole family. There’s also no such thing as too many sweets during the holiday, so grab a box of Blackbird Donuts too. Not only will everyone be happy and full, but you will be the savior who provided dinner and/or dessert. 

Believe (In Yourself)

Don’t let your haters, ahem, family get you down. You’re a grown, valued member of society. Ladies, radiate with confidence inside and out with a little help from Sephora’s beauty consultants. Maybe even treat yourself to a blow dry from the pros at BloDry Boutique where you can choose from a variety of styles ranging from sultry and sassy to business savvy. And gents, clean up your look at Bostonian Barbershop with an old school straight razor shave or a quick trim. You’ll look good, and feel even better.

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