Activate Your Winter

Cold weather running

Winter is here. The days are shorter, temptations are everywhere throughout the holidays, and it’s friggin’ cold outside. Naturally, we spend much of the season either bundled up or hunkered down. Despite the winter’s best efforts to eliminate any motivation you may have, you will not be beat. Not this year.

5 Tips for Surviving Family Time

Camper Van Carrying Christmas Tree

Rejoice, the holidays are here, and it’s a magical time for The Fenway. A special energy consumes Boston as the holiday spirit takes hold of the city. Gifts, drinks and parties abound. There is one issue with all this cheer and celebration, though. The holidays are essentially a crash course in extended family time.

Put It Off: How to Procrastinate in The Fenway

It wasn’t long ago that we were kicking off fall with top ways to prepare for the semester. That was responsible of us. But now that we’re almost through October, motivation is dwindling. Students are busier than ever, but that only makes procrastination more appealing.

The Fenway Back-to-School List: College Edition

Back to life. Back to re-a-lity. C’mon, you know you’re singing it, too. It’s time to say goodbye to the carefree days of summer and reign it in for the upcoming semester. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all the fun— that’s impossible in the Fenway. So here’s a little primer of easy ways to get ready before things get real.

School Supplies

Where to Work Out in The Fenway: 5 Fun & Free Outdoor Spots

Raise your hand if you like a little fresh air and sunshine with your summertime workouts. We feel you! Granted, the indoor gyms and spin classes in The Fenway are top-notch and bring sweet air-conditioned relief on particularly sweltering days.

Science of Sleep: WHOOP & Why You Should Spend More Time in Bed

Sleep. All of us (hopefully) spend a good chunk of each day doing it, but are we doing it right?

Hops For The Holidays 2017: Six Must-Have Seasonal Beers

The holidays are here, which means one of two things: You’re either getting ready to create new memories with friends and loved ones, or you’re bundling up in a state of hibernation, waiting for spring to return. Either way, you’re going to need some beer to help you through the season.

New England’s 5 Best-Kept Winter Secrets

New England’s slew of mountains run the gamut between commercial relevance and true hidden gems. While it isn’t particularly difficult for a snowsports enthusiast to find that perfectly manicured slope or uncharted slalom, knowing what to do after dark sets in can be a head scratcher.

Meal Plan: 10 Cheap Eats in The Fenway Under $10

School is expensive. Eating out doesn’t have to be. The Fenway is home to plenty of restaurants offering daily specials for students on a shoestring budget. So grab that fist-full of leftover bookstore dollars and check out one of our 10 recommendations below for when that pallet of ramen just isn’t going to cut it.


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