Two Sweet Days: The Ultimate Boy Band Experience in The Fenway

Everybawwwdy! That’s right…everybody’s favorite boy bands are set to take the Fenway Park stage in July—we’re talking New Kids on The Block, Boyz II Men AND Backstreet Boys. And boy are we psyched they chose our neighborhood to perform for adoring fans across generations. With so many high-caliber businesses, restaurants and bars, The Fenway is primed for the perfect night of pop.

No tickets? No worries! Just head to The Fenway, sit back, sip, snack, and enjoy the festive flashback atmosphere! Headed to the show? Make the most of your steamy, dreamy, nostalgia-soaked summer event with our ultimate boy band guide.


Step By Step

Step 1: The fun has begun. Just gather your girls and get yourselves to BloDry Boutique and MiniLuxe to get glam, pampered, primped…and maybe even crimped.


Quit Playing Games

Time to get down to business. Drinks and a little something light, bright, and spicy to snack on at Tiger Mama is the only logical next step. Hang tough ‘til the Tiger Tikis run dry and you’re on the right track. 


The Right Stuff

Some may say there’s no “right way” to kick off a night of NKOTB. But we beg to differ. So, where should you pregame? Wahlburgers for the win! For one, it brings an extra touch of Donnie to your day. You might not see him (or any of his Boston-loyal bros, for that matter), but you’ll feel the whole family’s presence in every inch of the place. They’ve got a great menu and drinks to satisfy your whole crew, not to mention keep you fueled up for belting out all those lyrics that never left you.


Rock Your Body

When you’ve had your fill of burgers and beers at Wahlburgers, stroll over to Fenway Park for the main event. On July 7th, Backstreet Boys will perform with Florida Georgia Line, Nelly and Chris Lane, and opposites continue to attract the next night, as New Kids on the Block put on a show with Boyz II Men and Paula Abdul.


End of The Road

What to do when you don’t want all the boy band mania to end? Head over to Hojoko. Its menu and cocktails are off the (gold) chain and they’re open ‘til 2 a.m. (like, erryday)! Might as well hit the hay at The Verb Hotel next door while you’re at it. It rocks.

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