The Fenway – June Music Spotlight


June 1 –  House of Blues
Eagles of Death Metal
The Eagles Continue to Soar
It’s their first tour since the band made their way into the hearts and prayers of the whole world during the December terrorist attacks in Paris. Heading back out on the road, the stoic band and purveyors of their signature brand of heavy-handed brand of rock ‘n’ roll valiantly return to the stage as a testament to the great power and catharsis of music.

June 2 – House of Blues
Bloc Party
A Party on The Fenway’s Most Famous Block
Boston doesn’t have a lot of block parties. It must be a licensing thing or something. But for those of you looking to let loose in a festive atmosphere, going to a Bloc Party show might just make up for that lack of community. With heartfelt lyrics set against catchy rhythms and driving synth pop, Bloc Party invites you to enjoy the neighborhood camaraderie of like-minded party people as an audience member. The seductive electro pop duo MS MR open.

June 3 & 4 – House of Blues
One-Stop Pop
Scottish dream pop trio Chvrches hits House of Blues on June 3 and 4 in support of their new album Every Open Eye. Sugary vocals belie saltier content that in tune with the ethereal electronics are bound to lull you into a thoughtful, eyes-closed sway.

June 15 – House of Blues
Stuck in the Mud Again
What if we told you that Tom Petty’s first band, the short-lived bar band from Gainesville, Florida were reuniting and playing club shows? Well, it’s happening. The unfortunately named band that gave Petty (and two of the Heartbreakers) their start is taking it back to the beginning and reuniting with Petty’s co-founder/singer/songwriter Tom Leadon in support of their new album aptly called “2.” You’ll probably never get the opportunity to see Petty in a setting like this again.

June 16 – House of Blues
Michael Franti & Spearhead
Relaxed, More Franti, Less Frantic
From his provocative political rap in the Disposable Heroes of Hypocrisy to the proactive, uplifting hip-hop with a message in Spearhead, Michael Franti has recently taken the radio waves by storm with his happy and poppy soul anthems. He’s done it all and his message has always been a positive one. Feel the warmth as Michael Franti speaks his mind and sings from his heart at the House of Blues.

June 18 – House of Blues
At the Drive-In
This Station Is Operational
After a nasty break up in 2001, the key members of post-hardcore band At The Drive-In would go on to form the experimental prog-rock band Mars Volta soon after. With high-profile reunion shows in 2012 and the eventual dissolution of Mars Volta, At the Drive-In has reformed again. Expect a new record and a new beginning to the turbulent, yet triumphant past of one of the first great bands of the 21st century.

June 23 – House of Blues
Modern Baseball
Philly Comes to The Fenway
There couldn’t be a better place for a band named Modern Baseball to play than in the shadows of the Green Monster on Lansdowne Street. The quirky, nerdy, lo-fi emo band from Philly has filled the hearts and ears of listeners with their stark and whimsical, wear-it-on-your-sleeve, tell-it-all tales.

June 25 – House of Blues
Here They Go Again
One of the great hair metal ballad bands of the 1980s, Whitesnake songs still circle around our heads in nostalgic reverie with MTV-made memories of David Coverdale and his golden locks singing to a supermodel who danced upon a pair of Jaguar sports cars. Whitesnake returns to the stage for their “2016 Greatest Hits Tour.”

June 27 – Café 939
Carl Broemel
Stepping Out
Most of us know Carl Broemel as My Morning Jacket’s talented guitarist, pedal steel player and saxophonist, but in his limited time away from the band, he also plays and records with his self-titled solo project. Broemel primarily performs as a one-man band, playing delicate ballads by building textures and layers of instrumentation with his looping technology. This rare intimate performance should not be missed.


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