Farewell to The Fenway: Top 5 Fondest David Ortiz Moments

Farewell to The Fenway: Top 5 Fondest David Ortiz Moments 

Folks, the curtain’s about to close on the most prolific Red Sox career in this millennium. After 14 years in Boston, David Ortiz, the king of post-season clutchness and post-game sound bites, is hangin’ ‘em up.

Ortiz’s numbers alone make him a future hall of famer, but it’s the timing of his greatest moments, not how many there have been, that will resonate with New England sports fans for generations to come. His stacked résumé includes 10 All-Star appearances, 54 home runs in a single season (2006), one profanity-laden motivational speech, and (at least) three World Series rings. Need we continue?

While every Sox fan this side of Connecticut has a handful of favorite Papi plays, who better to ask about number 34’s most memorable moments than the man who has been shelled by his dingers for a decade? We caught up with the man inside the Green Monster, the keeper of the scoreboard, Nate Moulter, to get his definitive list of the top 5 David Ortiz moments. Batter up!

5. Babe Who?  Ortiz leads Game 7 ALCS win with a two-run home run. 
October 20, 2004: I was a freshman at Northeastern here in Boston when this game happened and it started with Papi's home run. It's weird. It was almost like that 3-0 comeback against the Yanks was so epic that you forgot we still had to get through St. Louis in the World Series.

4. Championships Look Better in Person.  Big Papi and his team at it again. 
Post-Season 2007: This was my first post-season run working the scoreboard at Fenway so it was cool just to see Papi up close. Whether it was when the team celebrated clinching the ALCS or those first two World Series games, the excitement at Fenway was palpable.

3. Motor City, Meet Mr. Clutch.  The game-tying grand slam against Detroit in Game 2 of ALCS.
October 13, 2013: The place felt like it was shaking. Even in our “concrete bunker” (we are technically under Lansdowne Street), you could feel the place go crazy.

2. “He Didn't Do It Again, Did He? Yes, He Did.”  His walk-off hit against the Yankees in the ALCS. 
October 18, 2004: I wasn't working at Fenway yet, but I was at the game. This was awesome for obvious reasons and the start of Ortiz’s impressive legacy.

1. Whose City Is It, David?  A powerful post-Boston Marathon bombing pep talk.
April 20, 2013: We all sort of did a double take because the sound isn't great inside the Wall, but we heard what he said and I think we went just as crazy as the fans.

Thanks again, Papi, for all these memories and so much more. See you in Cooperstown!





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