Wood-Fired Excellence: 5 Best Neapolitan-Style Pizzas in Boston

Wood-Fired Excellence: 5 Best Neapolitan-Style Pizzas in Boston

Thanks to a recent wave of inspired chefs equipped with imported wood-ovens, Boston will soon give New York and Chicago a run for their money when it comes to pizza-notoriety. We’re not talking about oversized, floppy slices or gloopy bread and cheese casseroles—we’re talking fresh, artisanal Neapolitan-style pies.

For a pizza to be truly Neapolitan, it must meet the stringent standards set forth by the Italian government. These rules insist on everything from special “00” flour, San Marzano tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese, to the length of time the pizza can spend cooking in the scorching hot, wood-burning oven. The common thread between Boston’s Neapolitan-style offerings? Airy, beautifully-blistered crusts, and unconventional toppings that’d give an Italian traditionalist a heart attack.

The Fenway’s own entry into the conversation for best pie in the city is Tapestry, a dual-concept eatery owned and operated by chefs Meghann Ward and Kevin Walsh. They opened Tapestry together to give Fenway residents and visitors a casual, delicious neighborhood hangout.

We worked with Meghan and Kevin to come up with this delicious list of Boston's best Neapolitan pies.


1. Tapestry
The local favorite! With its thrumming open kitchen and an eclectic soundtrack that bounces between French synth pop and Mos Def in a way that somehow feels organic, it’s the perfect place to grab a pizza and a drink with friends any night of the week. Combined, the yellow-brick oven and collective imagination of Walsh and Ward produce pizzas with toppings like creamed shishitos, potato, and smoked prosciutto, or caramelized onion and Brussels sprout. According to Walsh, “The best place to start when you’re trying to come up with an idea for a pizza topping is with your favorite sandwich.” Indeed. 

2. Coppa
Ward’s old stomping ground makes the list as a South End staple. While much of the menu at Coppa is made up of seasonally-appropriate, shareable Italian dishes, the smattering of pizzas are a carnivore’s dream. Roasted beef heart. Assorted sausages. Perfection.

3. Pastoral
Located in Fort Point, Pastoral prides itself on locally sourcing virtually every facet of their menu, and the unreal pizzas are no exception. We’re partial to the porchetta, for a real change of pace and the unbelievably light lemon (topped with mozzarella, jalapeño, arugula, lemon and bonito). Cooked in an imported oven, Pastoral’s pizzas are a true celebration of all things edible.

4. Area 4
With a new location in the South End and an enviably cool mobile oven, Area 4 is one of the most badass eateries in all of Boston. The menu runs the gamut, from the classic Margherita to a bánh mì-inspired pie replete with pork belly and sriracha aioli. Of Area 4’s many pizzas, Ward says: “It’s wood-oven pizza and it’s awesome.” Couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

5. Posto
Posto’s menu alone is enough to make you order an Uber and trek over to Somerville. Using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, chef Joe Cassinelli crafts inspired pizzas like the ever-intriguing Apple (topped with roasted apple, gorgonzola crema, bacon, caramelized onions, vincotto), and a collection of cured meat-centric creations.

Whether you’re a Fenway lifer, new to the neighborhood, or just shopping for the holidays, stop by Tapestry (69 Kilmarnock) for a great night and even better food. And while the Patriots make their push toward the playoffs, come in to watch the game. You can get a Narragansett pounder, a shot of whiskey, and a whole pizza for only $16!

Well...who did we miss? 



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