Something’s Brewing in The Fenway: 5 Things You Didn’t Know about King’s Row Coffee

In a city where coffee chains abound, sometimes we Bostonians yearn for more. If you’re done with commoner’s coffee and looking for a cup that gives you the royal treatment, then check out King’s Row Coffee—a pop-up café opening at 401 Park. You’ve probably heard something about this Hanover, NH company, but here are five things that might surprise you about this new addition to The Fenway. 

1. It all started with two brothers.

King’s Row is a New England family business that was started by Sam and Jamal Sabky. Their mission? Make amazing coffee an affordable luxury. Now that’s a business model every coffee lover (and wallet!) can get behind. And if you're happy about that (and why wouldn't you be?), then you're probably ecstatic about the $50 Gift Card & XL Coffee Sampler we are giving away. All subscribers to are eligible to win, so if you haven't already signed up, do it before someone else wins your coffee!


2. ​Their chef is big time.

King’s Row is all about crafting small-batch blends of coffee. But they don’t just leave this up to chance. They leave this up to Chef Craig Shelton. Who, by the way, is a James Beard Award winner. That’s like winning the Oscars of food, so you know he’s on top of this coffee thing. 

3. ​Their proprietary process is intoxicating.

These guys have questioned every aspect of coffee making. The beans. The temperature at which they roast each type of bean. The proportions of each kind of bean in a blend. They then actually pioneered a roasting method inspired by the way that Bordeaux wine is created. Not a bad model, if we do say so ourselves. 

4. ​They go above and beyond Fair Trade.

King’s Row pays small coffee farms 35% to 100% MORE than Fair Trade rates. After all, it requires more work to grow and pick only the perfect coffee beans. This keeps the focus on quality, not quantity. And when you try a cup of King’s Row coffee, you’ll taste just how focused on quality they are. 

5. They’ve got a…Wafflenugget?

“What is a Wafflenugget?” you might be asking. A delicate pastry item to accompany your cup of King’s Row coffee? Nope. A coffee tool? Nuh-uh. Wafflenugget is a she, a Bernese Mountain dog, and the cutest brand mascot you’ve ever seen. Believe it or not, she’s also a big deal on Insta (@wafflenugget) with over 83,000 followers. What?! Talk about social media goals. She just goes to show that King’s Row is as serious about cuteness as they are about excellent coffee. 

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