In the Chair #5: Thiago Silva of Chew

If you could start a new restaurant with five dishes from your favorite Boston eateries, which would you choose? In the latest episode of "In The Chair," we proposed this "Fantasy Food Draft" scenario to Chef Thiago Silva from Chew, who recently opened its new food lab on the third floor of 1255 Boylston Street. The food tech company is taking the CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) world by storm by engineering products that are, according to their site, "delicious, nutritious, sustainable, profitable and scalable—anything less is unacceptable."

Chew's state-of-the-art food lab moving to The Fenway is the latest in an ever-expanding list of wins for the neighborhood. We talk a lot about food and tech — and Chew inhabits the sweet spot where the two overlap. Speaking of sweet...

We had Thiago, Chew's Director of Chocolate (and the creator of 2016’s viral Birthday Cake Croissant), give us his answers while getting lined up at Bostonian Barber Shop, located on 92 Van Ness Street in The Fenway. The result is a killer collection of tasty recipes from some of the best restaurants in Boston and Cambridge.

Thiago's Fantasy Food Draft List:

#1. Chicken Wings - Coreanos

#2. Uni Spoon - Uni

#3. Semolina Cakes - Giulia

#4. Lobster and Pepper Pizza - Stoked

#5. Bone Marrow - Waypoint

Well, how'd Thiago do?

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