Put It Off: How to Procrastinate in The Fenway

It wasn’t long ago that we were kicking off fall with top ways to prepare for the semester. That was responsible of us. But now that we’re almost through October, motivation is dwindling. Students are busier than ever, but that only makes procrastination more appealing.

And we say: give in to it.

Midterms, papers, presentations, the list goes on and on. But as you know, there’s a time and a place for everything. That’s where the art of procrastination comes in. It’s not just putting things off willy nilly. You’ve got to be strategic, granting yourself the gift of just the right amount of time, yet leaving enough to actually get everything done. Read on for some of the top ways you can prolong the inevitable here in the Fenway. After all, it’s our goal to help you become a PROcrastinator. 

Take the Night Off

You’ve been working hard and sometimes the best way to reward yourself is with a significant break—a whole night off to hit the reset button. Check out what’s happening at the House of Blues, and schedule a night to get dressed up with your friends and go all out. Not in the mood to change out of sweats? No prob. There’s a quiet night with your name on it at Regal Fenway. You can escape from the stress of it all, kick back with some popcorn and focus on a flick for the night. 

Eat Up An Hour or Two

What better way to procrastinate than by grabbing dinner? Sustenance is essential and it would actually be irresponsible to work without proper nutrition. So where to? In case you haven’t heard, Eventide has opened! Here’s the perfect excuse to try out the newest place in the ‘hood. So grab a few friends, grab a table, and try out the iconic Eventide Brown Butter Lobster Roll™ or a sampling of oysters. Eastern Standard is another option that never disappoints. It’s the perfect stop for a night out with amazing cocktails and solid entrees. If hunger kicks in later on, Eastern Standard also offers a late-night menu until 1:30 am. They get it. 

Book Up Your Schedule

Avoiding work doesn’t mean that you have to abandon learning all together. In fact, you’ll probably find the time you most want to pick up a novel is when you should be reading a textbook for class. That makes it the perfect time to hit up Target’s book section to stock up on subject matter that you find a little more thrilling. Or take a trip to Barnes & Noble, grab something caffeinated, and stroll the aisles. This is actually a two-part method because you can then later use your book to take strategic breaks throughout your working process. Bonus!  

Liquidate 60 Minutes

If you only want to put things off for an hour or so, drinks are an excellent option. They let you unwind a bit without committing to a full meal. Hit up Audubon for your favorite craft beers and cocktails, swing by Loretta's Last Call for drinks with a side of live music, or try Tony C’s if you’re in the mood to catch some of the game. It probably goes without saying, but moderation is the key here. Go too far, and you’ll find that procrastination has turned into obliteration. And that’s just amateur.  

Buy Some Time

Procrastination doesn’t always have to be about avoidance, it can actually be productive. If you’re looking for a break but also want to get something accomplished, shopping may be the best fit for you. When life gets crazy, it’s essential to make sure you don’t let yourself go. So take a stroll down to Sephora, BloDry Boutique or Bostonian Barber Shop, and make sure your daily regimen is set. How about school supplies? If you’re an art student, stock up on essentials at Blick. Music student? Hit up Guitar Center. Or just grab a few of the basics at Staples. Once your shopping trip is complete, you’ll be ready to get down to business. 

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