Dylan in the Movies

In celebration of the Bob Dylan exhibit by Lesley Schiff at Van Ness, we've compiled a list of Dylan deep cuts that were resurrected in the most unlikely of places.

Opening Our Doors Day Highlights - The Fenway

Looking for something to do this Columbus Day? Get ready for a full day of arts, music, theater and more as the Fenway Alliance presents its 14th annual Opening Our Doors Day celebration on Monday, October 12th. This neighborhood-wide event is so jammed pack with activities for the whole family, it would be impossible to see and do everything.

From Farm to The Fenway: The Fall Menu at Audubon

While many mourn the passing of summer, chefs and restaurant-goers in New England find fall a prime time to shine a light on local ingredients. Apples, pumpkins and squash dishes spring up every October providing New Englanders with hearty and healthy options and long-awaited seasonal specialties.

The Fenway – October Music Spotlight

From huge, loud touring acts to local acoustic songwriters, there’s something musical happening in The Fenway every day of the week. We’ll keep you up to date on the latest shows and events. Here are some highlights from this month’s schedule.

The Perfect Cup: From Sowing to Sipping

Ever wonder what a coffee bean goes through to get into your cup? Wolfie from Pavement Coffeehouse walks us through the process—from planting to partaking.

LIT: Lesley Schiff’s Portraits of Dylan Debuts at Van Ness

In a continuing effort to bring exclusive and cutting-edge art to The Fenway, the pop-up space at Van Ness will host the world premiere exhibition of “LIT: A Portrait of Bob Dylan by Lesley Schiff.”

Get Your College Survival Kit, Courtesy of The Fenway Cart

Over the course of the fall, The Fenway Cart will welcome students to their new college homes in The Fenway. The Fenway cart street team will come armed with ‘student survival kits’ featuring items to help students tackle the upcoming year.

Shoobx: Smart Solutions for Startups

The Fenway’s Hatch, located inside the Landmark Center, has become a synergetic startup incubator and co-working hub where Boston entrepreneurs share ideas, build relationships and develop grand visions of innovative products and services.

Neighborhoods: Coffee and Crepes with a Conscience

Tucked away on Peterborough Street’s delicious Restaurant Row is a quiet family-run Parisian-style café that’s quickly become a vibrant part of The Fenway community.

Ask a Bartender: Naomi from Eastern Standard

We’re asking bartenders in The Fenway to tell us about their favorite cocktails. Next up: a spicy tequila cocktail crafted by Naomi, the bar manager at Eastern Standard.


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