What's Going On Up There? Van Ness

If you’ve walked down Boylston or Van Ness Streets lately, you’ve seen it. Van Ness is happening…but what exactly is going up there? And what does Gumby have to do with it?*

Van Ness, slated to open in spring 2015, will include two buildings – one with 172 residential units and a second with 232,000 square feet of commercial office space – on top of a three-story retail base. In addition to Boston’s first City Target, local and independent retail and restaurants will line the ground floor on both Boylston and Van Ness Streets. 

With a birds-eye view of the city, you can see that Van Ness and Newbury Street actually form a straight line. If you ever get tired of the same old spots, this might just become your new favorite block to shop or grab a bite.

It’s also the only “spec” office building currently being constructed in downtown Boston. In other words, the space isn’t already spoken for. Van Ness is attracting early interest from innovation and creative economy companies drawn to the easy commute, green space, restaurants and nightlife. The office space itself will be flexible too, featuring open floor plans that companies can customize to fit their culture.

INSIDER TIP: Looking for a secret garden in the heart of the 24/7 neighborhood? You’ve got it – if you move in, that is. Residential and office tenants will have access to two rooftop gardens, echoing the nearby Olmstead-designed green space along the Back Bay Fens. Better yet, these gardens will be multi-taskers in the LEED Gold certified building, supporting its energy efficiency goals.

*During Van Ness’ steel topping off—a ceremony during which the last steel beam of a building is raised, with an American flag and a fir tree to signify the building’s roots and reach—one of the Local 7 Ironworkers Union employees dressed up in a Gumby suit to help put the beam into place!

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