In the Chair #7: John Myers of Eventide Oyster Co.

Are you a seafood connoisseur? Is an icy plate of freshly shucked oysters paired with a glass of crispy white your idea of, oh, everything? John Myers of Eventide Oyster Co just might agree. And in this episode of “In the Chair,” we dive into his top five oysters.

Sorry West Coast—Myers digs your fruity selection, but he’s going all in on oysters plucked from cold East Coast waters, citing their divine firmness, brine, balance and subtle sweetness. But as you’ll see, it’s Maine that holds the key to his oyster-loving heart. Myers nods to the state’s serious seafood culture where some oysters are left to mature up to 4 years before they’re hand-harvested, contributing to their complex flavor.

And lucky for us, he’s bringing some of that Maine oyster culture to Boston, as Eventide Oyster Co. is set to open in The Fenway (1321 Boylston Street) this summer. This highly acclaimed restaurant’s roots are in Portland, Maine, but when it came to choosing a second location, they were drawn to The Fenway for its rich and ever-growing culinary movement. Fine by us.

So without further ado, delivered straight from a Bostonian Barber Shop chair, we give you:

John Myers’ East Coast Oyster Power Rankings

  • #5 Beau Soleil — New Brunswick, Canada
  • #4 Duxbury — Duxbury Bay, MA
  • #3 Glidden Point — Jacks Point, ME
  • #2 Johns River — South Bristol, ME
  • #1 Winter Point — West Bath, ME

Which one do you want to top with a little lemon, Tabasco and horseradish? Any favorites you’d add?


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