Pure Polish: 5 Nail Color Trends to Help You Shine This Summer

A string of 80-degree days. Patio brunching. Shorts get shorter. Ice cream lines get longer. Spring is well underway in The Fenway.

And what a relief! It finally feels safe to tuck our winter coats away, to cautiously break out the beachwear (or buy more) in preparation for a long, hot summer. But for many of us, there’s more to getting ready for warm weather than a change in wardrobe. For help with everything from manicures to mini-Brazilians, we turned to the experts at MiniLuxe.

“We’re very excited for summer here at our Fenway Studio,” says Michele Santell of MiniLuxe, whose largest studio is at 18 Kilmarnock Street, just steps from the ever-growing gauntlet of neighborhood amenities like Bostonian Barber Shop, BloDry Boutique, and Craft Beer Cellars. “In addition to our usual client services, we’re offering Red Sox nail art exclusively at this location. It’s the perfect way to complement any game-day outfit.”

To help you navigate this summer’s other nail trends, from custom nail art (more on that in a bit) to warm, Caribbean colors, we asked Michele to walk us through one of MiniLuxe’s newest color palettes, released for Spring/Summer 2017. “Color is expression. A reflection of lifestyle,” says Michele. “Our polishes highlight what’s big in apparel and accessories, and how that relates to nails and beauty.”

“Reflection,” though, is really underselling it. MiniLuxe's experts anticipate trends rather than just follow them, so their color offerings are always ahead of the curve.

With that, let's dive into a pastel palette made up of five newly-released MiniLuxe Pure Polishes that tell, as Michele describes it, “one color trend story, with soft and sophisticated pastels, followed by nudes, and topped off with a metallic wash of shimmery rose gold.”

And be sure to stay tuned after the polish palette overview for more ways to treat yourself this summer—including an exclusive offer for our Fenway Insiders—courtesy of our friends at MiniLuxe!

Love the cheekiness but this is sensitive; there’s a longstanding perception that people should avoid the area on game days that we try to combat. Maybe something goofy about how suddenly everyone goes from wearing coats to shorts or something? seeing everyone’s grody feet in flip flops again, which sort of ties into the MiniLuxe vibe? Or even just generic bustling sidewalks, having to wait in line for iced coffee or ice cream…anything to that effect

This muted shade, an opaque, creamy white with a hint of pink, offers a subtle nod to popular apparel trends for fashion-forward clients. 

Parrot Cay 
Michele says it’s important for clients to “have fun with color.” Described as “Caribbean aqua,” this Pure Polish makes for a perfect accent nail.

Eden Rock 
Blush pink is the color of Spring 2017. From apparel to accessories to nails, pinks have permeated it all. Eden Rock extends this popular trend all the way to your fingertips.



Sand Dollar
Sand Dollar is, as Michele describes it, “the new nude.” The perfect polish for daily wear, it looks great clacking a keyboard, wrapped around a cold one, or buried in the sand.

Sunset Blvd. 
And now, the pièce de résistance. Sunset Blvd. is a shimmery rose gold—a MiniLuxe signature shade. It reflects “a big spring and summer trend,” says Michele. Metallic rose gold and shimmer are popular in apparel, accessories, and footwear. This polish ties everything else together as the “new metal” color.

On a side note, Sunset Blvd. also nods toward the subtle pink of Coconut and the pink of Eden Rock, making it the perfect polish (and accent nail) to round our spring / summer palette.

While having the right on-trend nail polish to match your outfit is imperative, there are other ways to get ready for the summer. MiniLuxe has kindly offered some sage advice on those fronts as well!


MiniLuxe Performance Polish

  • Recently-released, exclusive to MiniLuxe.
  • It’s entirely unique: It dries in 5 minutes, wears like a gel polish, and comes off like a regular polish.
  • Available for both manicures and pedicures, there’s never been a better way for your nails to look lovely, fast before a spontaneous beach trip or night on the town.

Nail Art

  • Range of designs spanning more than 100 geometric and floral patterns.
  • You choose the design. You choose the colors. The whole experience is totally customizable.
  • If you’re in the neighborhood for a Sox game, don’t forget to stop by MiniLuxe. Nothing complements a ballcap and beer Insta quite like thematically appropriate nail art!


  • MiniLuxe offers clients an array of waxing services.
  • They only use wonderful, low-temperature wax.
  • Stay hair-free, carefree, and most importantly, beach-ready this summer.

Whether you’re playing hookie one afternoon at Fenway Park, heading to the Cape for the weekend, or just feel like looking fantastic, these products and services are sure to help you perfect every summer outfit.

And if you’ve never been to MiniLuxe, here’s a special offer: During the month of May, MiniLuxe Fenway is offering a complimentary Performance Polish upgrade for first-time clients.


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Samantha Chase