Higher Innovation: Four Northeastern Student Startups Compete in MassChallenge Finals

The platform for ideas and potential growth for small businesses continues to spread across The Fenway. Following the announcement of Hatch, the neighborhood’s new launchpad for blossoming businesses, four companies from Northeastern University’s IDEA were selected to participate in this year’s MassChallenge Finals.

For those of you who are not startup savvy, IDEA is Northeastern University’s homegrown student-run venture accelerator program providing future entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to start businesses from the group up. MassChallenge takes this ideal one step further by helping those youthful businesses raise funding and present their ideas on a global platform.

The four MassChallenge finalists from Northeastern are the following:

Building Conversation is a company founded by Executive Professor of Arts Media and Design, Terrence Masson. Building Conversation created an augmented reality-based architectural visualization software called ARC and Masson and his team are already putting the software to the test—using it for the proposed building projects for Boston’s 2024 Summer Olympic bid.

Practice Gigs is an application that allows tennis players to find practice courts and opponents with similar skill levels to practice on their terms. While the initial app is available for beta testing now, in the future they hope to grow their business to incorporate other like-minded session-related activities like basketball, music, soccer and more.

Dash Electric is company formed by Northeastern student Ian Carlson that integrates a motorized wheel system that can be incorporated into long-format skateboards. Taking a cue from the popularity of car-less commuting, Carlson and his crew created a sleek and inexpensive product that can get you across campus—or if you’re slightly more adventurous, across town. Dash’s unique design gained credibility early by winning first place and some funding at 2013’s Northeastern Entrepreneur Club’s Annual DEMO Day.

Energy Harvesters LLC  aims to revolutionize the constant need for phone and accessory charging by making your options greener. Utilizing scientific advances that don’t involve “plugging in”, Energy Harvesters has already been issued one patent and granted two trademarks. The company’s “Walking Charger” will yield a full smartphone charge without discomfort or distraction with just an hour of casual walking—that’s 20 times more yield than anything currently on the market.

To view these and the other 124 promising startups snag your ticket to the July 29 MassChallenge presentation at the Seaport Hotel, available HERE, and be on the lookout for more innovation announcements around The Fenway.


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