Made Different: The Faces of The Fenway

The Fenway is more than the brick and mortar that fill its boundaries. The neighborhood is a community defined by the people who bring it to life. With a recent influx of makers and shakers to the area, the Fenway is evolving into a hotbed of innovation and creativity in Boston. Meet some of the notable figures that compose our vibrant community and hear what they think makes the Fenway different:


Owner of Sweet Cheeks BBQ

"I really did think, being this close to the ballpark and [among] the kind of emergence of other restaurants that have been successful in this neighborhood, it just felt really intuitively right."


Founders of Whoop

"In large part, we're excited about the renewal of a historic area. You get to see it kind of come back to being a place that's livelier and younger."



"When you say Fenway, people only think about Fenway Red Sox, Fenway Park. We’ve been here longer than that. We have museums, we have theaters, we have symphonies."

Here is some of Yoshi’s work:


Communications & Policy Advisor at Greenovate Boston

"What I didn’t expect living in the Fenway was all the green space and being so close to so many amazing cultural institutions.”


Nurse & Researcher at Fenway Health

"I work in the Fenway Institute - the largest LGBT Health Center in the world. I’ve come to really love this neighborhood"

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