Getting Snippy: 4 Essential Summer Cuts from Bostonian Barber Shop's Erik Zaiatz

When Erik Zaiatz opened Bostonian Barber Shop in Whitman two years ago, he was hoping to capture the traditional aesthetic of the shop his grandfather ran for nearly six decades. That meant timeless cuts, straight-razor shaves and refurbished barber chairs from the early 1900s (and, not for nothing, beard oil made in-house). “It’s just something that’s always intrigued me and something I’ve always wanted to do,” says Zaiatz, of operating a barber shop. “After [my grandfather] passed away, I wanted to buy his shop, but it fell through. This was the next best thing.” Now, as Bostonian has grown in reputation and popularity, Zaiatz is getting ready to open a second location in The Fenway this July. “This shop has kind of the exact same feel,” added Zaiatz. “It’s basically our first shop on steroids.” Don’t get it mixed up, though—Bostonian may be traditional, but they can set you up proper with today’s freshest cuts just as well.

To commemorate the opening of Bostonian’s Fenway location, we caught up with Zaiatz, who gave us his four must-have hairstyles of summer.

Gentleman’s Cut
Erik says...
“This has been the biggest hairstyle we’ve done since we opened. It’s that classic 1940s look, kind of a side part with a pompadour on the front. A World War II era haircut. That’s kind of our go-to that everyone asks for. It’s been going strong since we opened. And you can do a million different things with them. A lot of people do bald fades, keeping it really tight on the sides. Some keep it finger length all the way on the sides. Whatever you want to do with it, you can do with it.”

Bostonian Bowl
Erik says...
“It’s a bowl cut, but it’s not really that 90s bowl cut. If you’re familiar with the show Peaky Blinders on Netflix, a couple of the guys on that have it. It’s kind of like a post-World War I cut that was really big in England. A lot of soccer players are getting them now. It’s almost like a fade, but it’s not fully faded, so there is a straight line. We do a lot of those.”

Erik says...
"The undercut, shaved on the sides with the top left really long. They either slick it back or leave it a bit messy on top. On the sides, some people get it buzzed, some people get it razor shaved. But that’s another really popular look. Think Brad Pitt in Fury or Michael Pitt in “Boardwalk Empire.” You can do a pompadour with these as well, or just have it slicked straight back."

Erik says...
“A lot of people come in and they want a really big rockabilly pompadour. Kind of like that big Elvis hair, that’s still going strong. The Pompadour, like the Gentleman’s Cut, can also be styled in many different ways—shaved sides, faded, or finger length—depending on your hair and the products you use.”


After you leave the barber shop, Erik suggests you keep your new summer style looking fresh with Bostonian-approved Suavecito and Bona Fide Pomades.

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