By The Numbers: The Fenway Survey Results Are In!

In this edition of “By the Numbers” our community talks about Boston’s best brewery, best date spots and whether or not they’ve ever snuck a drink on the T.

Getting Around The Fenway

It’s no shock that an increasing amount of people seem to be hitching a ride with apps like Uber and Lyft, but we were a little bit surprised by how low the traditional taxi numbers dropped in our survey.

Drinking on the T

While a majority of folks we surveyed didn’t imbibe on public transit, there was a healthy-sized contingent who had snuck a sip or two during their travels. (Disclaimer: Hey, we’re just the messenger. No drinking on the T, people!)

Craft vs. Micro & Best Breweries

Keeping with the festive theme, the numbers show that craft beer has won the revolution and a couple of hometown brewing titans have won the hearts of the people.

Top Date Spots

Eastern Standard and Citizens Public House come in at #1 and #2, respectively, but the rest of this list shows just how broad the neighborhood offerings are in The Fenway. 

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