Rise and Dine: Hojoko Offers Breakfast with a Gourmet Japanese Touch

Hojoko’s dinner and late-night menus are already the toast of the town, but with breakfast served from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m., you can actually have some of the best toast in town.

At first glance the morning menu might seem like your traditional diner-style comfort breakfast, but, if you read the fine print, you’re in for some delicious surprises.

“We want to appeal to our neighbors and hotel guests, giving them a great daily breakfast option with just a hint of Japanese flavor profiles,” says Hojoko’s Executive Chef and O Ya alum, Hart Lowry.

Sure you can get a bagel with plain cream cheese if you’re feeling, well, plain. But Chef Lowry recommends trying the smoked salmon bagel with wasabi-tobiko cream cheese, which has been a crowd favorite. “Tobiko is flying fish roe [that we] flavored with wasabi,” Lowry explains. “It adds a great texture to the cream cheese and tastes similar to horseradish.”

The continental breakfast, muffins, fruit, and cereal options may be straightforward, but the pancakes are painstakingly made with sprouted wheat and topped with honey butter. “Our pancakes are made using organic flours and sourdough starter, and left to proof overnight,” says Lowry. “The result is a very light and fluffy pancake that won't make you feel overly full.”   

With a focus on the finest ingredients, Hojoko calls on the Iggy’s local artisan bread company for their pastries, while everything else is made in house. And if you’re looking for healthy options you will not be disappointed. Their “Green Detox Juice” combines apples, celery, kale, cucumber, ginger and lemon. Their organic yogurt has optional granola and seasonal fruit, but it’s the special ingredient in the organic steel-cut oatmeal that shows how much detail goes into Lowry’s creations. “Our oatmeal has fresh kefir milk added,” he says. “[It] provides a nice creamy tang and healthy probiotics.”

Breakfast and dinner have been available since the restaurant opened and on April 4 they started serving lunch seven days a week.

“Our lunch is designed to be unique, fresh, accessible and most importantly, delicious,” says Lowry.  “You can come by for a crispy rice bowl or a traditional Japanese tonkatsu lunch, but we also have a burger and fries. There is definitely something for everyone and a promise of fast service.”

Plus, you never know who you’re going to see. “We are so lucky to have a partner like The Verb Hotel,” Lowry says. “Together, the talent playing shows at House of Blues and other local venues feel at home here. Coheed and Cambria blogged about us, the Bosstones and Milky Chance signed our sushi bar. We are really hoping to be a home away from home for touring musicians.”


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