By the Numbers Part II: More Survey Results!

In the latest edition of “By the Numbers” our community weighs in on the best last-call spot, which sports figure deserves a monument, grocery shopping guilty pleasures and our favorite spot for a late-night slice.

Best Last-Call Spot
With The Fenway-area apartments boasting views of the Hancock, Prudential and Fenway Park, it’s no wonder the favorite last-call drink spot for many respondents was their own home. Who wouldn’t love to catch a little skyline twinkle while sipping a local brew in the comfort of their living room? If a burrito is quietly hissing in the microwave, all the better. Tasty Burger and Citizen were ranked tops among the favorite last-call spots for those willing to save the views for sunrise. Some of you weren’t sure where to go. Don’t worry. We got you! We even made a flowchart to help you narrow it down.

Who Should Be Immortalized?
Brady weighs in as the man the majority of us want to see rendered in marble (do they still use marble?) forever misleading the pigeons in the Public Garden with his Statue of Liberty play. Big Papi, celebrated home-run hitter and parade-float MC, came in a close second. Never to be forgotten, Larry Bird received one vote for 0.008% of the total. It was a touching write-in. Larry, you may not get a statue (at least not on the east coast), but you have our hearts.

Guilty Pleasure Grocery Item
We made New Year’s Resolutions too. But that didn’t stop us from grabbing ice cream, crunchy party snacks and cheese (ALL KINDS OF CHEESE), and dutifully burying it in the shopping cart under bags of quinoa and kale. Non-chocolate candy, of course, ranked last.

Pizza Time
Domino’s, Regina Pizzeria and Otto took the win, place and show in the late-night slice race. Preferred toppings in attendance at the pizza party included our old friends, cheese and pepperoni. Chicken and sausage came late and knocked the beer can tower over. TUMS won the top spot for late-night antacid. Just kidding. But if we keep going like this, maybe the next survey.

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