Agave Maria: A Tequila Guide That Needs No Salt or Lime

No longer is tequila reserved for quick, wincing shots done begrudgingly with the aid of lime and salt. Though the game was once dominated by unholy “mixto” brands – blended combinations of agave diluted with cloying sugars and artificial flavors – there has been a shift in consumer preference toward higher-end artisanal offerings made with 100% agave. For the educated drinker, this means there’s now a whole other rapidly expanding world of fine slow-sipping spirits to explore.

But don’t fret if you’re new to the idea of tequila as a libation more worth savoring than slamming. On April 7th, TUGG, the preeminent community engagement platform for New England’s tech entrepreneurs, is hosting its 10th Annual Wine and Tequila Party at Boston’s Landmark Center in The Fenway. There, you’ll be able to get a taste of the top-shelf stuff while commingling with more than 1,500 of Boston tech entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and philanthropists. This event is going to be a seriously good time, and is yet another indication that The Fenway has arrived as a center of tech and innovation.

In anticipation of the event (and in celebration of this burgeoning spirit), Tequila Avión walked us through the hallmarks of what makes tequila special, as well as the characteristics a novice drinker might be able to expect from any given style. So it’s time to lose the lime and sack the salt, because these drinks speak for themselves.

Silver | Blanco
Taste: Sweet and crisp with notes of black pepper and fruit
Color: Clear
Aroma: Fresh-roasted agave

60 days to 1 year
Taste: Vanilla with spicy or floral notes and hints of cherry, peach and pear
Color: Light to dark yellow
Aroma: Agave and oak

1 to 3 years
Taste: Greater degree of woody notes with a vanilla, caramel, coconut or maple body
Color: Darker yellow
Aroma: Roasted agave, woody notes with hints of peach or cherry

Extra Añejo
3 years +
Taste: Fusion of bright fruits with subtle hints of caramel and vanilla
Color: Richer scotch hue
Aroma: Warm vanilla and spice on the nose with roasted agave

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